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Emex Events are Venue Styling Specialists. We offer an extensive range of services including, chair covers, bespoke floral design, centrepiece, stationery, swagging, draping, lighting and much more.

Our innovative approach has earned us a reputation as one of the UK's premier styling consultancies, enabling us to work with some of the countries most prestigious venues.
All of our clients are given a dedicated styling consultant who will work with you to understand your vision for your big day and explore the potential ideas. We will discuss colours and theming to ensure your day is exactly how you want it to be.

Our Team love what we do... We really do love it! From the initial inspiration meeting to the positive feedback we receive from our clients following the special event!! We simply adore transforming rooms into breathtaking settings and would be delighted if you allowed us to be a part of your special Event!

Emma ❤'s...

Cosy nights in and crazy nights out, theatre, the notebook, my kitties, covent garden, long eyelashes, real life love stories, Michael Jackson, Louboutins ... In fact shoes in general!
Really rubbish reality tv, kissing in the rain, David Austin Roses, reading through old texts and smiling like an idiot, a really good cosmopolitan, olives, my wonderful family and amazing friends.
Breaking bad, dexter, prison break... All American series catch my eye really!! Laughing till I cry with friends, holidays in the sun, LOVE, vogue, the smell of freshly mown grass, couples holding hands, peanut butter, books... Pride & Prejudice, Lord of The Flies, The Hunger Games and The Harry Potters to name a few!!!! Listening to the words of a song and believing it was written for me, falling in love with my best friend, chunky statement jewelry, a nice glass of vino, my amazing team, lipgloss, candlelight, my bed, waking up and looking forward to work, weddings, weddings, did I mention I love weddings????
Jack ❤'s...

Late nights, meals out, a good glass of sweet rose’, CK one, a full moon on a clear summer night, a great tan, comfy skinny jeans and white t-shirts, a G&T in a nice bar, art-deco, chocolates that melt in the mouth, the intoxicating scent of freesias, listening to live music, documentaries on channel 4, buying gifts months in advance, that hypnotic state of being half awake and half asleep, a fresh hair cut, new clothes I cant wait to wear, a clean shave, silence after a bad day, feeling all the love in the air on valentines day, a coffee in the morning, pasta that tastes truly italian, people with unique styles, perfectly shaped eye brows, invites to art exhibitions, watching boxing matchs and screaming at the tv for them to punch right, that typsy feeling that makes you want to dance all night, crisp frost and freezing fog, movies in the cinema, especially horrors!
Sinead ❤'s...

Lazy mornings, pj day, Henry Cavill, sunday roasts and bacon sandwiches,having fun with my two children, going for long walks around the park and spontaneous car trips that most of the time end up on the beach. I love love love Harry Potter. A nice chilled glass of wine, especially with some tasty chocolate. Baking with my daughter, reading books on my kobo. The feeling of accomplishment when you have finished transforming a venue ready for a wedding, Tulips, noisy sleepovers with my neices and nephew’s. Family time is the best time. Laughing until my face starts to ache, Spending quality time with friends, going out and dancing until my feet hurt. The best sound in the world is the sound of my children’s laughter but the sound of their calm breathing when they’re tucked up in bed and fast asleep after a long day is a close second. Lovely hot showers. Going food shopping and deciding what to eat first when I get home!! And I can honestly say that I absolutely love my job and the amazing team I work with!!